Less Hassle. Less Mess. More fun.

Made with real lemon juice and all natural ingredients, Zest provides the refreshing taste of a lemon drop, without the hassle or mess. Whether mixed into a delicious cocktail or enjoyed as a chilled shot, Zest is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a good time, the right way.

What are the ingredients in Zest?

Premium Vodka

ZEST is made with superior quality vodka that is proudly produced in the U.S.A. Distilled six times and slowly chill filtered, our vodka ensures both delicious flavor and the ultimate smoothness.

Fresh Lemon Juice

After sampling dozens of sources for lemon juice, our team has chosen what we believe to be the best juice anywhere around. Extracted from the fresh fruit of California lemon trees, its truly the best ZEST you can find!

Pure Cane Sugar

In a market full of artificial sweeteners and unnatural flavoring additives, we chose the natural path. That's why at ZEST, we use minimally processed cane sugar as part of our commitment to a naturally delicious product.

(And yes, it's that simple!)

Our Favorite Cocktails
Charleston’s Zest

~ 2 ounces ZEST Lemon Drop​

~ 6 ounces soda water

​Served over ice with squeeze of lemon


Naturally gluten-free & low sugar so you can enjoy your vodka guilt free! Sip it neat or bring out your inner mixologist and impress your friends…Martini anyone?