Official Drink of Pool Parties Everywhere

The Zest Story

We designed Zest for people like us: those who love a good time without the morning-after regret. It all started with a group of us searching for a better, healthier shot option. We scoured existing brands but found nothing that fit the bill. The market was flooded with high-alcohol, sugar-heavy products, promoting a culture of excessive drinking. We knew people wanted something different—a more genuine, transparent, and healthier choice without sacrificing taste or experience. 

Realizing this gap inspired us to take action. We studied consumer preferences, scrutinized existing brands, and dug deep into their ingredients. What we found was a clear need for change. And so, Zest was born—a testament to our dedication to innovation and meeting evolving demands. It's not just another product; it's a solution for those who seek a healthier way to enjoy themselves. Our vodka boasts half the usual alcohol content, significantly less sugar, and zero artificial additives commonly found in traditional shot brands.

Crafting Zest Vodka wasn't about introducing another shot brand; it was about sculpting an experience—an indulgence free from guilt that upholds the pinnacle of taste and quality. Zest Vodka stands as a declaration—a commitment to revolutionize the shot market, guiding it towards a brighter, healthier, and more transparent future. So please come join us poolside, surrounded by friends, and enjoy the creation crafted for everyone seeking a healthier choice. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

The Zest Family