The Zest Story

Our journey began with a collective realization. As a team, we observed the shifting tides in the alcohol industry, especially within the realm of shots. The scene was saturated with high-alcohol, sugar-laden products, marketed in tandem with a culture of heavy drinking. It was evident that consumers were seeking something different—a departure from the norm. They craved authenticity, transparency, and a healthier option without compromising on taste or experience.

Recognizing this gap propelled us into action. We delved into the market's intricacies, studying consumer preferences, scrutinizing existing brands, and analyzing the ingredients. What emerged was a stark revelation: the need for a transformative offering.

Thus, our lemon drop vodka was conceived—a testament to our commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer demands. This wasn't just another product; it was a paradigm shift. Our vodka boasts a lower alcohol content, a reduction in sugar, and the absence of artificial additives that clutter the shelves of traditional shot brands.

Transparency became our cornerstone. We decided to lift the veil and invite our consumers into the very heart of our creation. No more hidden ingredients or cryptic labels. We proudly showcase what goes into our product, championing honesty and integrity.

Crafting this vodka wasn’t merely about concocting a drink; it was about crafting an experience—a guilt-free indulgence that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. Our lemon drop vodka isn't just a drink; it's a statement—a pledge to redefine the shot market, steering it towards a healthier, more transparent future.